Shut the Door

“Don’t Buy It”

 I grew up in an era when we had door to door salesmen. They carried a variety of items such as shoes, small appliances, watches, and vacuum cleaners. They would normally knock on doors and say “may I speak to the lady of the house”.  I believe they asked for the lady of the house for a couple of reasons. First of all the particular item for sale would be something she would most likely use; secondly she would be very persuasive in getting her husband to purchase it.

Salesmen also knew they would find a few women behind those doors who would listen to their sales pitch with their emotions instead of logic or reason, thereby convincing them to buy something they may not really need. Also they could be persuaded to be the first ones on the block with that hot new item.

When we look back in the pages of biblical history, we see another salesman of sorts that came to the door of a woman’s heart and sold her a bad bill of goods. I’m talking about Satan. He showed up at Eve’s residence, got her attention and when she opened the door a conversation began that resulted in devastation for all mankind. That same enemy strives to converse with us continually, he invades our mind and emotions with doubts, fears and accusations against the loving kindness of our Lord. His aim is to have us sell out our commitment, trust and obedience to Christ, and of course follow him.

In the book of Genesis we see the creation of Adam and Eve. When God created them He gave them everything they could possibly need. They had full access to the Garden of Eden as well as unbroken fellowship with God. However there was one commandment given them, they were warned not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, if they ate from it they would surely die. (Genesis 2:16-17)

Now Satan having this knowledge sets out with his sales pitch: He subtlety assaults the character of God by suggesting to her that God lied; and she wouldn’t really die. He paints this picture in her mind that God is withholding something great from her and if she partakes of the fruit she will gain knowledge of good and evil. We know that she gave in, bought the lie, ate the fruit and then gave some to Adam who ate also. 

The enemy’s tactics to discredit our Heavenly Father have not changed. He tempted Eve with the lust of the flesh when she thought about the tree being good for food; good for satisfying her physical craving in a sinful way, it was sinful because it was forbidden. He tempted her with the lust of the eyes when she saw that the tree was pleasant to look upon. If we cast our eyes continually on a forbidden thing we will soon be led to give in to its pull. And finally the temptation to the pride of life was targeted at the desire in Eve (which is in all of us) to attain wisdom apart from God, this world’s system encourages knowledge which is puffed up and causes a sense of self made importance and greatness.  Someone made a statement which said “If you don’t exalt me, I’ll exalt myself”. This is pride on display! And pride is the root of this sin.

There’s no escape from these temptations. Christ himself had to deal with them in Matthew 4:1-11, and so do we.

There will always be a knock on the door of our hearts from the enemy, he’s trying to foster distrust of our Heavenly Father, and encourage us to live a self-centered life.  If he can’t convince us to turn our backs on God, he’ll throw stumbling blocks to impede our spiritual growth and effectiveness.

Watch out for the sales pitch that draws you into fulfilling the cravings of your carnal nature, convincing you that certain things gained in your own power will fulfill you, giving in will leave you empty and full of turmoil. Set a watch over your eyes, David said in Psalms 101:3 He would set no wicked thing before his eyes. What we look at long enough is what we will consider, what we consider long enough is what we will do!  Watch out for the sales pitch that draws you into being independent of God, going about establishing your own course in life. 

Eve was deceived into thinking she was getting something good, that’s a major part of Satan’s temptation, making us think we are missing out on something better than what God has offered. There will always be a choice to make when temptation comes.  God did not make us robots, He gave us a free will, but he did promise a way of escape for every temptation, 1 Corinthians 10:13. So when the enemy comes to knock on your door, trying to get you to sell out to him, call upon the Lord for help and strength, resist the devil with the word, SHUT THE DOOR & DON’T BUY IT.

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